We think too much and feel too little said, Charlie.


We think too much and feel too little said, Charlie.

Quantify decision making

We can help you decide with analytics, reports, and proper testing.

Data visualisation

Your focus needs relevant data. And we'll happily gather & visualize that for you.


Product & Usability Testing

Usability testing is all about getting real people to interact with a website, app, or other product you've built and observing their behavior and reactions to it. Whether you start small by watching session recordings or go all out and rent a lab with eye-tracking equipment, usability testing is a necessary step to make sure you build an effective, efficient, and enjoyable experience for your users.


Analytics & Reports

Reporting provides you with information, analytics give you insights. Reporting raises questions, analytics attempts to answer them.


Product Optimization

Every business is unique and has unique customers. And usually, you need to figure out what are the most important to things to focus on by yourself. By using data, talking to your customers, A/B testing and other research techniques.



A retrospective is an opportunity to learn and improve. It is time set aside – outside of day-to-day routine – to reflect on past events and behaviors.


Business and Strategy design

Designers are now in a position to leverage their skills in design thinking to shift the trajectory of an entire company. Designers have the ability to lead the company through big-picture thinking and small detailed execution. Furthermore, design thinking will help your business anticipate what your customer base wants and needs.


Design & Marketing